03: Games Are Better Than Television

Plug in the console or buy an MMO. Researchers at Beth Israel Medical Centre in New York discovered that playing videogames improves your performance in situation requiring precise hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills, keeping neural pathways fresh. Helping you prevent neural diseases like parkinsons, dementia and other diseases in later life. The experience of gaming also releases dopamine which has been found regularly to help improve and develop neural pathways from the brain to the hands. Dopamine is also a natural stress relieving hormone.

~ Magazine Excerpt

Okay, first things first… “I told you so!” It’s not surprising that i’m sure most of my readers remember your mother or relatives saying “games rot your brain” or “there’s no way to earn a living from games” now with proof arising every month about how online games like World of Warcraft, EQ2 and game console games on a Playstation or Xbox improves your mental flexibility into later life. And with the gaming industry beginning to become a trillion dollar industry ifs even easier to make a living from it (even I get paid to play games now). Below I have some physical proof.

This is a recording of mouse actions. Every white dot is a mouse click, black dot means a pause of the mouse movement and the lines represent where you’re moving a mouse. Analytical thinking on the left (3 hours of work) shows very few pauses and hence very few problem solving events occurring, on the other hand on the right with someone playing World of Warcraft for 3 hours shows many pauses and actions.

When you have to complete some creative problem solving you pause, this is so your problem solving processes take full control of your focus. Also games have also proven to be beneficial to user’s self-esteem by increasing their social activity by learning trust, team-work and how to cope better when things turn south.

Also, by using more cognitive processes and moving your arms frequently at a computer means you are burning for calories than if you’re sitting at the television (probably eating snacks) if you’re in the middle of a 20-man team encounter trying to keep everyone organised on killing a creature inside the game I’m sure your too busy to eat snacks while playing the game.

Should it be called “play” anymore? It’s more like “mental training”

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