My Library

Here is a collection of future, present and past creative and non-fiction works I have done that I have created. There is also the Photo Portfolio and a collection of Public Domain Works.

Out Now

This biographical trilogy marks a dividing point in my life as I have recently come out of the transgender closet. This book is meant to be something to enjoy and share how I saw the world before coming out of the closet, seeing the transgender community and services grow and evolve over time from an outsider perspective and entering this new part of my life and gender identity expression. Money raised will go towards my Transgender Surgery Fund.

Journey of A Lost Boy
2021 – For Sale now on

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I have been an avid photographer since childhood and have explored several countries over my life so far. This road has been a long one and I hope to take the opportunity to share my outlook through my photos that are not shared on social media. This is a laid back coffee-table book of photography and artwork I have created over my adult life in the transgender closet. Kind of like and auto-biography of my best work in a slick graphical format.

Canis Minor
2018 – Free to Download

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Tabled results from 2017 Community Research Project exploring the diversity of the human pup play fetish and its community.

Rising Aotearoa
2011- For Sale now on

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Rising Aotearoa is an anthology of poetry and short stories written over several years and published on a dare. Many stories and poems have deep meanings and can release a new freedom of imagination on its readers.

Future Works

Canis Major: An Exploration of Human Pup Play

Coming Soon ~Late 2025

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Started in 2016; this book contains years of journalistic research into the diversity of the pup play community, with the input of over 5,000 individuals from almost every continent on earth. Exploring the fetish back to its origins in the late 1800’s, to the rise of its community popularity with the advent of the internet.

Qianlong’s Beijing

Coming Soon ~Late 2024

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Non-fiction reference book about the oldest complete map of Beijing from 1751

Findings From a Community Survey of Individuals who Engage in Pup Play

2022 – Free to Download
2022 Academic Research Paper

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2019 Research project results published in Archives of Sexual Behaviours

Logo Graphics

Logos and Graphics for community projects, groups and events over the years that I have created. Some of these are: Nerdy Doggo, O-PAH, Pup Play Community Archives, PupPlay.Info, SA-PAH, WA-PAH,


Over the years I have made merchandise for personal selling and for non-profit groups.

Nerdy Doggo

The merchandise designs I made for Nerdy Doggo continue to sell for the ongoing running of the community resource website PupPlay.Info

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Pup Play Dog Tags

I designed these dog tags to help raise funds for my future surgeries.

Graphical Posters

APHC 2018, Leashed


APHC Format