About Me

Ashley Kahurangi
(Taylor Cook – They/Them)

I’m just some kiwi kid who grew up in 90’s rural New Zealand for my defining childhood, I’ve learnt to own who I am, not be afraid to stand up against injustices to myself or others and explore something new with a hope to learn along the way.

In February 2018 I became a wheelchair user, diagnosed with a functional neurological disorder. Before all this I was an avid athlete, camper and explorer. In my earlier years, I did almost all forms of camping through New Zealand but after many years hiatus I found myself in a situation where accessibility is now an issue and the call to the wild stronger than ever.

I have helped many community groups and organisations over the years and I have reached a point where I want to help others feel they aren’t alone in having a wanderlust and don’t know how to explore as I continue to relearn how to enjoy the same things I used to enjoy.

I hope you do find something useful here that can help you.

MORE About Me


I do a lot of volunteer work in many communities, primarily in creating safe spaces, events and research in the fetish, archeology & adaptive sport communities.
(not at the same time of course)


Love working with my hands and doing major problem solving projects, whether for me or for others. Or even better, a win-win for all!


I’m a lover of the natural world, from radio astronomy to geology and camping in the thick of it. Regardless of my disability.


I have been an avid author, artist, photographer and content creator since the 90’s. A mind percolating ideas constantly with a desire to share my unique outlook of life.


Book Writing

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Information about my previous written works that are available and also information pages about my upcoming book & magazine projects.

Work Resume

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A digital CV listing my career and past community works.

Photography Portfolio

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A small selection of my favourite photography I have taken over the years.

Help My Projects

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I am a very goal-oriented and driven person with a lot of ambitious goals with some planned to have a wide positive community impact. You can read up about them here.