Off-Road Wheelsets Review

Last year i was able to get funding for an upgrade for my chair and have helped so much with getting off the beaten track, let alone cheaper and safer. I got mine through Push Mobility here in Melbourne and got them delivered to my front door
I went camping recently and their benefits really shined. While in the urban environment, the lower than normal PSI (45) would give you a bit of bounce in your ride, on gravel it helps the wheel grip to the terrain. The bumpy tread also help reduce the chance of punctures while your out, but I would still recommend to get self-healing liquid that you can get injected into the pneumatic tube. 

The wheelset is slightly smaller so the 24×1.75 tires that can be much cheaper and common when needing replacement. For ~AUD$600 these can be considered an entry level wheelset to try out greater off-road independence.

  • Compatible with 24″ wheels (No need to adjust the brakes)
  • Schwalbe Land Cruiser tyres (24×1.75).
  • Heavy duty tubes
  • Double walled 507 rims
  • Anodised push rims
  • 1/2″ Axle pins (adjustable length)
  • Light weight hubs
  • 3 cross spoked design

My original goal was to have these as my main “outdoor” set while a more streamlined wheel set for when im indoors, but they proved so useful, I now use them all the time on my everyday wheelchair.

Note for Australia:

These can be funded through the NDIS as a consumable so if your self-funded, you can get these for your wheelchair pretty easily.