Kiwi’s Playmate Didge

Kiwi has a tough time when around larger dogs but this husky gets along with Kiwi swimmingly!

Kiwi the Red Heeler and Didge the Husky x Dingo, have now known each other for a few months but now get time to roam across the property, regularly swapping treats, fights and taking turns in the paddling pool each. haha.

Their friendship is blossoming and I’m looking forward to more adventures together. Here’s some more photos of them getting along: Enjoy!

Kiro The Husko: End of An Era

It was so much his favourite spot, the grass didn’t have a chance to grow. The hole left in the heart is tearing me apart at the moment but I have already learnt lots about what it all means to me, why we got him, how we loved each other, what we learnt from each other and how we lost you.

With no regrets because I did and gave my best.

Calming “It’s okay boof, don’t worry, everything will be okay” sounds like he’s saying it back to me now. #kirothehusko #husky #huskylife

Final Day In Moonee Ponds

Yesterday was my final day living in Moonee Ponds. Sad to not have this one mere meters away for company and for fluff where fluff shouldn’t get to.

But I’ll still be visiting regularly to help take care of him. He definitely would be going through some seperation anxiety, he’s a lover for habits and I’m never gone for more than 48 hours camping trips. And with lockdown, he’s always had me within mere meters for company.

Here’s a photo from today’s walkies of him taking his elderly breaks.