Toorongo Falls Campsite

2 hour drive east of Melbourne, down near the end of a unsealed road is this gem. Recently there was massive renovations to this very large campsite, there is more flat ground with terraces running parallel with a swift stream.

The access paths around and to the accessible toilet are covered in fresh gravel but its still new enough that it hasn’t settled so be prepared as a wheelchair user to spin wheels on the gravel sometimes. Terrain like this a FreeWheel to help moving across the uneven terrain much easier.

The area is protected from state forestry logging and contains a lot of old growth bush that hasn’t seen bush-fires in decades. its at the end of a steep valley so it has its own damper micro-climate. You can expect to see a lot of temperate rainforest flora and fauna in this area.
Note: Don’t expect to visit the local stream running along the campsite if your a wheelchair user, this would be an easy improvement to do on the maintenance part, but those short paths are only safe for able-bodied to walk on.

Accessibility Grading

Grade 2 Campsite
  • Wheelchair accessible long-drop toilet
  • Pathways too steep for most except the most active wheelchair users
  • Walking trails connected to the campsite only traversable with crutches or minor mobility difficulties
  • Some campsite areas are surrounded by a fence that can stop unsupervised people from wandering too far.