Nerdy Doggo

Nerdy Doggo is a not-for-profit program where members of the pup play community can buy merchandise on a wide range of pup play themes and all money raised by the sales is returned back into community projects and the running costs of PupPlay.Info to keep it advert-free


Terrasailing has been a passion for many years, with designing prototypes and the aim to attempt a world distance record and find ways to advocate the sport to persons with disabilities. I am always keen to find like-minded people willing to push the boundaries and enter new unknown territory.

Adaptive Explorer

I want to show people that exploring the outdoors with disabilities is not impossible. If we can work together and teach what those before have tried, it can help people go beyond the asphalt and into off-road areas around Australia which they thought were inaccessible. We should be allowed the right to make the choice to explore our country just anyone else with just as much independence.

Surgery Fund

After 20 years, in 2020 I left the transgender closet and have started transitioning from male to female. It will be a long and slow progress but I have already started saving money for future surgeries.

Funds from sales of a copy of “Journey of a Lost Boy” go toward my surgery fund. Click Here for More Information.

Other Projects

PupPlay.Info & APHC

2015 – Present

With a focus on diversity, education and inclusion, I have focused these past several years volunteering within the Australian fetish community. Which has seen the creation of resources for the global community and national events to support the creation of safe spaces for people to express themselves.

Project 1845


Back before virtual reality was a household name, I began work on a digital preservation project of historical sites and for it to be used in schools to teach history in a new direct experience way. This has led me to work with the Iraqi Govt Department of Education, National Museum of China and multiple schools across the western hemisphere.

See CV For all previous community projects and work