Welcoming “Tie Fighter” To The Family

When you realise a wheelchair lifespan is only a few years, I found myself trying to remember which chair is which, so I name them. I tend to let their name kinda find itself. This is my first fully custom chair that is NDIS funded. Its bare titanium so its workshop friendly if i find that welding job.

the reduction of weight really makes its top speed limit its maneuverability. But the seat has some basic suspension from the axle, so over bumpy terrain, it isn’t causing undue pressure. It creates a bit of a disconnect from what the ground is doing and what your butt is doing. this amusing clunkiness and a fan of using puns on the name Titanium. I named it Tie Fighter partially for looks, handling and punability. Yeah, send me to jail…

My old day chair is not going to waste though, going to install a strong anti tip bar so it can be used for gym and safe workouts with free weights (so i don’t fall over), that one will keep working beyond when the welds fail, i’ll make sure of it. So now Tie Fighter is my daily chair, Magellan is my off-road suspension chair. And now Acheron (for all the pain it caused me) is becoming a more useful gym chair.