2021 Writing Schedule

So 1 book published this year, but what’s next?

5 more actually between now and 2022 😃

1) Canis Major – The BIG Pup Play project: Taking a few months break between end of interviews and research and its final development. Launch expected in late 2022

2) Canis Minor 2nd Ed. – The Academic Research Project: This will be a culmination in the 2017 & 2019 data before its donated to the University of Sunderland to continue this valuable research. Focus at the moment is on the peer reviewed articles about it we are trying to get into academic journals.

3) Adaptive Explorer – Exploring With Disabilities Magazine: Still in its early days, scouting out and reviewing locations at the moment, first issue is planned for later in 2021

4) Qianlong’s Beijing – Non-Fiction Ancient Chinese City Atlas: Final proof in being completed now. This 10year academic research project should be out by the end of 2021

5) There Is No Yellow Brick Road – Gender Biomythography: Recently inspired to write my own biomythography about my gender journey in life. A mix of biographical events with creative writings and personal philosophies that shape my gender identity and journey. Very early in its development, but the image below is its draft creative brief of its content warnings from the biographical standpoint. Will be a very raw story and hopefully help other trans folk as hearing about others have helped me