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2021: A Year In Review For Me

This year was a life-turning point for me, my cPTSD roared into life and has consumed most of my year of me being in crisis mode and…

5 Weeks Nonverbal, What Have I Learnt?

Week 5 begins of being Nonverbal. Friends and chosen family have taken it in their own stride to adjust while we all have learnt how to help me communicate still.

1 Week Non-Verbal, So Far

My disability has progressed to the point that I can no longer talk *gasp*. Specialists say its not permanent so I am trying to keep hopes up and to keep trying to get my voice back. But I thought I would share what I have learnt so far after a whole week being nonverbal: You … Continue reading 1 Week Non-Verbal, So Far

Academic Paper Approved!

This won’t mean much to many here but a LANDMARK for transgender representation in the academic research about the BDSM community. The lesson here: there’s endless ways to fight the good fight for rights and recognition. I have been volunteering in many things in the fetish community for years, mainly the puppy play roleplay scene. … Continue reading Academic Paper Approved!

Coming Out Day

Happy Coming Out Day! A Paraphrased Queer Journey. At age 10, I knew something was different to me than the other boys. By 14 I had some vocabulary to say at least, that I knew my gender did not match my body. I told my mother and my therapist… Guess how that turned out in … Continue reading Coming Out Day