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APHC 2022

Australian Pup And Handler Competition was a mixed bag of treats for me. I was so unwell I was barely able to keep fluids down and lack of wheelchair accessibility was a bummer, but still had a great time! It was also my first public event after coming out of the trans closet so my…

What Does A Major PTSD Relapse Look Like?

It’s a demon that can lurk in a box for years then consume your life with little warning. A PTSD relapse is something uncommon that happens to those with PTSD or C-PTSD where a small trigger or a flashback can snowball and reduce your mental health to being in “crisis” mode as if one of…

Kiwi’s Playmate Didge

Kiwi has a tough time when around larger dogs but this husky gets along with Kiwi swimmingly!

1st Anniversary With Kiwi

A year ago today, I got my lil’ farmboi. He’s not so little anymore. Kiwi is now a 30kg tank 😂 Enjoy some photos of him growing up into the loyal companion that’s like velcro to my side.

2021: A Year In Review For Me

This year was a life-turning point for me, my cPTSD roared into life and has consumed most of my year of me being in crisis mode and…

5 Weeks Nonverbal, What Have I Learnt?

Week 5 begins of being Nonverbal. Friends and chosen family have taken it in their own stride to adjust while we all have learnt how to help me communicate still.