Transgender Experiences

I am documenting my experiences while transitioning, in hopes my experiences of growing up in the Mormon church, now estranged biological family, and as a wheelchair user today can help others not feel alone and know that there is support and a loving community out there.

To keep everyone safe, the section on my blog labelled “Transgender Experiences” is password protected. This content can be raw sometimes and is equally to make sure that readers are okay and safe to do so.

I regularly post content on Twitter about this journey and direct links to posts I write. Please follow me and contact me via Twitter @adaptivexlorer for password access.

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Notable Posts:

Restarting my Blog

I’ve been writing and content creating on the internet since 1999. It was originally on a creative writing forum from 99-03 on it I wrote over 80 pages of storytelling and was well received (it was mostly a continual story about a refugee orc and a human lumberjack trying to flee across offensive based continent). My final year of high school I was in the creative writing club and someone moved in to the area that was a huge fan of my work and they told me how it helps them out of their own depression. This was the first time ever that I met someone that I had a positive impact on with my writing, up to this point he was merely of a way to express the stress I was getting thru with my biological family.

Shortly into my adult life I decided to get into web design and I created my own blog because at the time many services took ownership of content created on their platform. This was before Myspace or other latter platforms. Over time, I have always kept writing content and when the cost of cameras dropped overtime, I was able to get into photography like my grandfather help me learn to enjoy when I was younger.

The last personal blog I ran was from ’09 up to when I was homeless in ’13. And while I still write a journal for myself, I enjoy taking excerpts to help share my perspective on life in the hopes that it helps others, If they, whoever they are, friend or foe; feel alone or confused in the world, I hope I can share that it’s perfectly ok to just be your weird self even if people think it’s to seek attention. Because it’s more important to go to bed at night knowing that you did your best and that includes being yourself on whichever journey in life you’re pursuing.

So this marks the beginning of this new blog. I am going to go through my old public blog archives and going to post backdated data from my travels. Hopefully the files from my old old life is not too corrupted.

Update: I have been able to retrieve 2006-2014 posts but many are missing photos and videos, sadly they will have to stay as-is but will be kept for posterity.