Another Camp at Majors Creek

Another trip to Majors Creek! After the year we’ve all had, including myself; I have been itching to get back out among nature and the camping group I belong to was heading back to the same spot I went last year so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity!

4 Days along the backwater of the Goulburn River. Kayaking with friends and encircling campfires was soul-enriching. The weather was hot in the mid 30 celsius range which made my thermoregulation issues challenging but loved every moment of the trip. Got to share all the good news that’s happened to me since the last trip and the group leader announced my little achievement to the group, where my name is on the Mars lander that successfully landed on Mars at the same time we were camping.

My NDIS support worker drove me up on Thursday, helped me install the tent poles and dropped off all my stuff. I had been practicing at home and was able to put up the gazebo and the rest of my setup independently. On the Sunday I was able to take-down and pack up all my gear all by myself, a new achievement for my stubborn independence. haha.

Got to go Kayaking up backwater and into the Goulburn River, first time I have been using muscles in my back that I injured and went to hospital back last November. But ironically its my wrists that are near-immobilised today as the nerve pain is intense. It was only a 90min kayak trip and I definitely want to do more, so tweaking my workout routine to try to improve that strength and look into a small electric motor so I can explore even further next time and the next river,

This past winter and summer had been particularly wet compared to past years and was worried that the dusty enviroment was going to bog my wheelchair down but it was just as accessible with its firm, compact and flat group. The campsite has a wheelchair accessible long-drop toilet and easy access to the water-line so I had all the amenities I needed.

Kiwi, my new Red Heeler puppy got to come for a visit on Sunday when a friend came to pick me up. Got to start socialising with other dogs for the first time since his vaccinations. He was terrified and it was quite funny. But he will be joining me on all my future camping trips now that he’s old enough.

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