3rd Wheeliversary

Late January around this time is what I call my Wheeliversary, which i put it to the last date i ever took a jog. It was a very painful and sad day for me. I love physical activity, and i was spending the day as a coordinator and photographer for the local pride march pup float (so no pictures of me of that day) finishing the event in agonising pain as one of my classic ptsd coping mechanisms of “focusing purely on helping others to the detriment of myself.”

Three years later my life has flipped over several times, from being alienated and made to feel unsafe in the local scene, which meant the ~20% of my income I was donating to the community could go back into my own self development and other larger community projects.

While I kept my new year resolution last year of reducing my social media interactions for 2020, this is a new year and I’ve never been afraid to answer genuine questions 🙂

Last year had many positive changes and upheavals and my diagnosis changed to MS. But this turned into a good thing, I have more understanding of what my body is doing, better supports and coping mechanisms in place now and what little walking I do do around the house has me in less pain with the right physical supports.

Since coming out of the trans closet and beginning hrt last year too, I’ve been able to flourish into more of the real me even with a pandemic lockdown. No more smirk and rejections of compliments to me. Doing more of my hobbies and continuing to do my community work because I will always love inspiring people to pursue their own dreams, their own path in life and can overcome their demons. No matter what toxic people say about me, if I can rise above them and my demons so can anyone else with theirs.