Toorongo Falls Walk

And they claim it’s not wheelchair accessible. Well we sure showed the system that it can be! Almost 2 hours east out of Melbourne into the southern part of the Yarra Ranges, it is lush and green with old growth gum trees stretching up to the sky. There is no cell reception so best to come prepared! There is a large accessible campsite nearby as an accommodation option (that article will be written up soon)

This would have to be the single most challenging trail I’ve done personally since the wheelchair and would not have been possible. There was boulders that made the trail too narrow so we needed 3-4 people to simultaneously pick up the entire chair with me in it, and some parts had me carried only because the park service placed posts in the way to stop motorbikes but also stops wheelchairs -_-

The group and myself had a fantastic time. It took me a while to emotionally process the experience, but I cant wait to do it again at other locations once this COVID-19 pandemic is over.

A shout out to Gay Camping Victoria group for their support into making this awesome experience possible.

Accessibility Grading

Grade 1 Trail
Rough-hewn stone stairs and steep slopes.
Very few handrails
Small and Medium sized boulders on paths will block independent accessible travel.
Not wheelchair accessible without multiple people assisting