6 Months on HRT

Reached 6 months into #hrt feeling more me despite the major medical situation this year. Has been a major point of grounding myself during this crisis.

I do miss that radiant me I had back in February but more time in hospital and care is needed before I get to that point again.

#transgender #transisbeautiful

Singing Bowls

I started playing singing bowls when I first lived in China in 2009/11 and got taught by llama monks in Beijing during a private meeting in 2013.

After several years hiatus due to some personal hurdles later in 2013, I have taken it up again and is helping me process the grief of losing my husky Kiro

Random fact: singing bowls arent from Tibet even though some forms of Tibetan buddhism do use them. They are more originally from Northeast India and Nepal regions.

Kiro The Husko: End of An Era

It was so much his favourite spot, the grass didn’t have a chance to grow. The hole left in the heart is tearing me apart at the moment but I have already learnt lots about what it all means to me, why we got him, how we loved each other, what we learnt from each other and how we lost you.

With no regrets because I did and gave my best.

Calming “It’s okay boof, don’t worry, everything will be okay” sounds like he’s saying it back to me now. #kirothehusko #husky #huskylife

Adaptive Exploring

Thinking of doing the next step in my #wheelchair #adaptiveexplorer project and start publishing reviews of things wheelchair users can do to explore Australian outback and wilderness areas in a short magazine format.

With my love of creativity and exploring around #Australia , the natural world from astronomy to fishing to geology and many things in between.

I hope to share the beauty in the small things I find and share #accessibility information in case you or someone you know wants to try it out for the first time.

It will start small and close to Melbourne and victoria, but as I get to do and see more, I can write and photograph more remote locations that a wheelchair can get to.

Also means my book design skills from my current projects will just help it be more polished as I learn more along the way!

Because no one’s independance should be an untested status quo. Time to grow those wings!