A Girl Amongst Thorns

A Biomythography of
Celebration Despite Adversity

Explore the life of Ashley through this three-book series. She has lived a remarkable life that has many stories and lessons to share by shedding light of the beauty of the world despite the hardships of being a transgender woman.

Journey Through Maleficent Beauty

Book One
A Photobiography exploring Ashleys life through a personal perspective of
Artwork and Photography
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About Ashley Kahurangi

Ashley Kahurangi is a Transgender Woman from New Zealand based in Melbourne, Australia. She loves writing, making art, teaching others and exploring wildernesses. It took her many years to find herself and wants to share what she has learnt along the way. Growing up in a mormon family in a rural island nation as transgender in the 90’s was difficult and life didn’t stop throwing the punches; But despite all that she’s a stubborn optimist willing to sit down with anyone for a chat.

Tale of Two People

Book Two
Lifes lessons and celebrations explored through the closeted life led by Taylor Cook as events happened that led to Ashleys Introduction.
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The Story Starts

The Story Starts off with the life of Taylor Cook. A closeted trans person just trying to get through life and make sense of it all. Being an ex-mormon, disabled and a sufferer of cPTSD that’s gone through natural disasters to homelessness leaves a lot for someone to contemplate themselves and the world around them. But they still carry on, strive on and see the beauty around them in the stories they share and teach.

Over time, an estranged biological family and chaos of a pandemic lead to the emergence of Ashley Kahurangi to the public and as she calls it “the best selfish decision of my life”. Life did not stop throwing curveballs but through perseverance she stood her ground, found her boundaries and transformed her life around just so her soul could stop bleeding from gender dysphoria.

There Is No Yellow Brick Road

Book Three
From the Perspective of Ashley Kahurangi before and after coming out of the trans closet, Resolved, Bold with an Understood Past
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After Much Time

After much time of working on herself and with professional help. Ashley becomes a strong-willed and still stubbornly optimistic woman learning to manage her lifelong mental health, with strong boundaries and a better understanding of the past shared from new perspectives. Taylor Cook now long in the past, it’s just Ashley here, ready with a healed heart and open arms for anyone needing a hand to hold to remind them that everything will be alright even though there is no yellow brick road to lead us on our way.