Random ramblings of a writer.

A writers life is like a magicigan, a trick, a show, but instead is the search for the truth within the human curse called a mind… Others (non-writers) I have seen think of a writer as someone who is lazy, someone not brave enough to see the real world, who feels selfish and ego filled by controlling a world of a book within its pages. many people i have had that were close to me in my childhood i can see think that, i guess thats a reason why i left the mormon faith and christanity and went to something more firm in Necroverals. When other people think a writer is lazy they forget to see that man writers including myself are all insomniancs, a desperate need for sleep but not given the chance because they are bound by the characters they have created, its no more than a curse to have a head worth more than gold. trying to sift out the diamonds from the gold dust of the imagination. i know ive made a dream a hobby and that hobby as a career, it may be pannieless but at least i have done what few have done … made their dreams come true!

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