A Tale of Two People

Sequel to my photobook published in January 2021, This photo-autobiography explores my who I am in my years inside the transgender closet in more detail and how it impacts my early days of coming out and transitioning.

(New Zealand)

I spent much time camping down at a beach or inside a blizzard up in the alpine regions. I found my connection and intuition of the natural world here and this continues to define who I am to this very day. I have created a collection of photos that share this connection I have.


After moving to China under pressure. I still tried my best to make the most of the situation and learn more about humanity from in-person than just reading a book. It was here my roots of protecting diversity formed as I saw we all aren’t that different from each other yet we are, at the same time. And its this cultural and diversity in self-expression I’ve continued to find beautiful and willing to protect in all the work I have done onwards.


Exploring the turmoil of rebuilding my life, helping out in the fetish community, returning back to my outdoors and camping roots. Culminating in 2020 coming out of the closet during pandemic lockdowns and how my past is impacting my present.

Coming Out

Coming out has unleashed the real inner me, casting off the shackles of my cis-male appearing exterior. Here I introduce Ashley and the kind of person I wasn’t able to be until I came out and how it has impacted my early transitioning days.

A Tale of Two People