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What is The Talent?

The Talent is a book spanning decades of a man’s life. Its an emotional saga that brings to light the real truth of the ‘tall poppy syndrome’ of the human condition and what lengths a person will take to find out he’s still human no matter what he can do or what he has done.

History of The Talent

Back over a decade ago when I was 12 years old I was a chronic daydreamer as are most 12 year olds, my daydreams though were not what most 12 year old were made of. Mine were ones that went to answer questions and because of my sheltered upbringing i poorly misunderstood social dynamics at that time (well thats a more technical way of saying it than I used to). So I had a simple question which I am still exploring more than a decade later “What would the world really do if there was someone with superhuman abilities?”.

After many years of writing and retrying it, it almost perished when my parents tried to ban me from writing stories. I lost many of my original scripts back then but the pen is mightier than the parents scorn.

By 2001 I began fleshing out ideas for the book after completing and publishing my first book. This was the first real start of the novel The Talent. The first drafts of scenes made it into an action-filled book, full of blood, guts and gore and over the years of writing and rewriting it, it has become an emotional saga; delving into the human condition and to really touch base with the emotions and dynamics of what makes us truly human.


  • 2001 Initial Plot Inspiration
  • 2003 First Draft Completed (85 Pages)
  • 2005 Second Draft Completed (220 Pages)
  • 2008 Third Draft Completed (350 Pages)
  • 2012 Fourth Draft Planned Completion (approx 650 Pages)
  • 2014 Final Revisions Begin
  • 2016 Planned Release

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