Attack of the Flower Fuzz

Well there always needed at least one bad day on the bike. I biked through the embassy district and the trees are in bloom so my nostrils filled up with white flower fuzz thats everywhere. Got to somewhere where i wanted to take pictures and find my camera’s SD card is still in the computer at home. Went to a small western foods supermarket and they had to turn me away because they are having a power outage. Then i took a long dead end street that the gps said was not a dead end street. So thats my day, and sorry, no photos this time. Next time when the flowers arent in bloom i’ll take a similar route.

Olympic Park

22.1 Kilometers done today on the bike. Biked all the way to the olympic park with the Bird’s Nest and Water Cube stadiums. It was nice blue sky, no wind and almost twenty Celsius so I took my time getting back with almost doing double the distance back as it took to get there. I went through the park that followed the old outer wall of the city. There is a few mounds of compacted dirt in someplace’s but other than that there is lost of trees and the main canal that followed the wall. I also went past the end of a small Apartment fire, there was at least 4 fire trucks, 6 ambulances and too many police and spectators to wave a stick at. Just as I went past it though the power got cut so the next few interestions were hell on earth as literally hundreds of cars and pedestrians all tried to use it at the same time. Click here to see all photos I have taken today.

3 Favorite Photos Taken

The Birds Nest Stadium The Northern Canal 3 Common Beijing Blossoms

Qianhai Lake

I cycled further west today. Lots of the tree Blossoms are out today. Found a way to cross the 2nd ring road safely and worked my way west, past the Drum Tower that marks the old north gate when Beijing was surrounded by a wall. and then onto Qianhai and Houhai Lakes. After a quick rest and watching the swimmers (you wont catch me in there lol) I headed back through Doufuchi Hutong and the hutongs heading eastward all the way home.

3 Favorite Photos Taken

Spring Blossoms Qianhai Lake Drum Tower