Windows Movie Maker vs Adobe CS6

Ive finally kicked the old bucket one last time, Windows Live Movie Maker can rest in peace. Let the glorious days of Adobe After Effects CS6 begin!

This is a teaser trailer for my first feature length documentary i have started working on. Usually this would take about 4 hours for me to make with the old system, but a crash course and Google by my side to learn Adobe After Effects CS6 I made this in 90 minutes!! and I must say, I am impressed and excited at all the customising opportunities.

Hope you all enjoy my latest video

C418 Trip To Minecraftworlds

My new favorite saying from C418

Well C418 did visit MineCraftWorlds and I was asked by our veteran admin to give him a tour of my work. Which he loved so much to tell others.


He visited the Hanging Gardens, Spawn Complex, our Fractal Cube (81×81), the  16-Sided PyramidMemorial Citadel, My House with its own private biomes (including an actual jungle), the Grand Canyon, our national soccer stadium where you can play a round of soccer by hitting a ball around the pitch (wool block) and out Urban Shooter style pvp arena.

C418 playing a round of Soccer on the MineCraftWorlds server

He also wanted more pics to share around so im finally posting them up here. Just click “minecraft” for more info