Qianlong’s Beijing

A passion research project into ancient Chinese town planning. This is a set of academic reference book of translational and architectural data of the 1745 map of Beijing City. Been in development since 2010.

Alongside each map slice is content of labels with each image in traditional chinese as written on the map but also simplified chinese, pinyin and many containing a simple english description of the location to assist further research.

Commissioned by Emperor Qianlong in 1749 and the task of completing it fell to two court officials and a jesuit missionary. The project was completed in 1751 and three copies were made. Two have been lost to history and one survived and was captured by Japanese forces when they occupied Beijing in WWII.
While this copy was destroyed during its photographic copying, this still detailed version remains to this day.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Its Expected Release? Mid 2021 in Paperback and eBook