Adaptive Explorer

A fraction of our bushland and wilderness areas in Australia are accessible to persons with disabilities and those who are beginning this chapter in their lives would not have an existing knowledge base on how to overcome those unique challenges to either return to the outdoors or learn about it.

I want to show people that exploring the outdoors with disabilities is not impossible. If we can work together and teach what those before have tried, it can help people go beyond the asphalt and into off-road areas around Australia which they thought were inaccessible. We should be allowed the right to make the choice to explore our country just anyone else with just as much independence.

With the right tools and education available, anyone should be about to go out and explore.

I am a very active outdoors enthusiast, There is so much you can do and learn about the natural world around you, even from a wheelchair. I’ll explore many things from Astronomy & Geology aspects of a location to the range of sports and activities available in the vicinity.

What It Will Contain

  • Review of Campsites, Destinations, fishing sites in an ever increasing spread from Victoria and the rest of Australia over time.
  • Development of an “Informed Accessibility” Grading System where more useful information is shared about accessibility factors of places.
  • Resources and advice on how to independently explore and go camping in the Australian Wilderness.
  • All photography and content written will be by persons with disabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

When and How Often Do You Plan To Release? There won’t be a set schedule of publications, future issues will be released when enough content is gathered for each issue.