Book Writing

Listed below is a brief description of my past and upcoming creative works that will be published or are already available to buy.

Latest Releases

Journeys of A Lost Boy

Released Jan, 2021

A photobook of some creative musings and exploring I have done of New Zealand, China and Australia.

Upcoming Works

Canis Major


A journalistic exploration of the diversity of the human pup play fetish and its community.

Adaptive Explorer

First Issue: 2021

A magazine creative project to express my artistic side while teaching along the way skills and resources available for others with disabilities to explore the outdoors through the Australian Outback.

Qianlong’s Beijing

Planned: 2021

The first time in print since 1751, this is a exploration and translation of the oldest complete map of Beijing where facets of culture, trade and government from Ancient China.

Available Past Published Works

Canis Minor

Released 2018

First of several editions of data results of the largest pup-play community research project to date.

Rising Aotearoa

Released 2011

An anthology of short stories and poetry written during my teenage years and reprinted.

Out of Print Past Publications

Richmond’s Fellowship
Self published book in 2007 (Age 21) – Produced and sold 130 copies of the 372 page book between 2006-2008. Fictional comedy fantasy novel worked on for 5 years.

The Talent
Self published book in 2006 (Age 20) – Produced and sold 485 copies of the 580 page book between 2006-2008. Fictional alternate-earth novel worked on for 11 years.

“Nga Maunga Korero – Spirit Of The Mountain” Poetry Series
2003 – Poetry series published in the government-run New Zealand School Journal series

Taylor’s Book
Self published book in November 2002 (Age 16) – Produced and sold 30 copies of the 45 page book. Collection of short stories and poetry that was a new-year resolution to accomplish.

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