About Me

September 2020

Hi There, *waves*

I’m originally from New Zealand, currently living in Melbourne Australia. I grew up in a conservative mormon household and from an early age, regularly disagreed. From the age of 14, I knew with good certainty that I was transgender and spent 20 years in the closet after some pretty bad events transpired in the family.

Over the years my community volunteer work grew and grew, to the point of being a notable figure and education advocate in the Australian fetish community. While at the same time, I felt more and more fake. Myself knowing that… here I am, teaching and inspiring people to grow and become the people they want to become in these safe spaces; and I wasn’t doing the same for my own identity.

2014 was a defining year for me, I decided to focus more on my passions and try to see if i’ll ever be ready to come out. Changed my legal name to something more gender-neutral at this point too.

In 2017 I was diagnosed with a functional neurological disorder and became a wheelchair user within the space of months. This didn’t slow me down, I knew the heartbeat I run my life at and I wasn’t going to let this stop me.

The pandemic lockdowns of 2020 put a lot in perspective. A lot of old journal reading during the harder lockdowns my city has been under. With my research and book writing I couldn’t deny the fact to myself the marathon emotional pain and friendships lost over the years down to simple in-the-closet misunderstandings. So I got tired of waiting to not feel afraid and decided to come out of the transgender closet and begin transitioning.

I don’t have any contact with my biological family after some fatal differences in morality and ethics got to breaking point in the relationship before I even got the chance to come out to them, I have the mormon church still harassing me. But thats okay, I have a super supportive community around me, surprising me every day still.

At the time of writing this, I have only been out of the closet for a few weeks, but the journey ahead is long. My volunteer work is my life’s work, and If my experiences help someone else through their own journey, then I think its worth sharing the more exposed view of transitioning genders as a wheelchair user.

I’m still a lover of the outdoors, sports and volunteering, i will just present a gender that matches more me internally. Something I hope any gender questioning or transgender person can relate to.

If you want to learn more about me, I do have a more
professional SFW blog at www.adaptiveexplorer.com

An Unfiltered Unapologetic Autobiography, The one I like the Most.

I’ve had a full life already, but that’s the heartbeat I beat to.
I’ve helped people and people have helped others in return.
A hug is always given even when it hurts me.
remember that you have are loved by me
and that you make my life a happy one;
and I believe there’s no tragedy in that, no matter 
the hardships I have faced alone or with others.
I have one favourite defining achievement. I have tried my best
to live by example and inspire others to pay it forward in kindness and be themselves.
I am thankful to be part of this song sung by each and countless generations, 
continuing the batton forward.

If I was to Remember Anything:
You are but a raindrop in the eternal storm of chaos, but it takes one raindrop first to break the drought, or drown a sailor, its what you do that matters than how you are pushed about, make it matter and be a note in the symphony of life.
Be kind to yourself and spoil someone.
Your heartbeat is your own, run with it, not against it. But pick your battles.
IIUTM: “If It’s Got To Be, Its Up To Me”

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