APHC 2022

Australian Pup And Handler Competition was a mixed bag of treats for me. I was so unwell I was barely able to keep fluids down and lack of wheelchair accessibility was a bummer, but still had a great time!

It was also my first public event after coming out of the trans closet so my nerves were sky high but I was welcomed in regardless. So many warm fuzzy feelings.

A special thanks to James Davidson for being the friend I need even when I don’t know how to ask; love you heaps! Thank you to Eagle Leather and Lucrezia & De Sade for sponsoring the event from the get go and still being here to support us post covid. And to everyone who goes out to support APHC, thank you. People called me crazy for starting it up but its the crowds, community to bond with, the cheering and the howls that make it continue to be popular every year.

It was so humbling to the hugs and the many thank yous for setting up the event like this, while thrilled to see it’s Queensland interpretation be a sell out event! It’s always been about creating more safe spaces and the community showed definitely up in support in a big way.

Excited to see what our new titleholders do now; next year, Perth!

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