2021: A Year In Review For Me

Every year for quite a while, I do new year resolutions but I also end a year with a WOP-WUP (web-of-passions wrap-up-plan) Which is kinda like, stuff related to new year resolutions but with end of year deadlines, usually things related to my creative, community and career projects (many of them are so interconnected purposefully to help me with my larger, less talked about projects and plans, like a web)

This year was a life-turning point for me, my cPTSD roared into life and has consumed most of my year of me being in crisis mode and many hospitalisations across that time too. It does mean it was a quiet year for me with lots of self-development but I still achieved a few things!

  • I ended a 10-year hiatus and published my next book: Journey of a Lost Boy.
  • Still got to go camping late in the summer before the crisis hit.
  • After many years searching, I got gifted a greenstone pendant I never take off.
  • I got a puppy! Kiwi is a male Australian Cattle Dog and being trained as a PTSD Service animal.
  • I sold my first artwork in my first art competition I have been in since Primary School.
  • The birds had babies during one of my hospital stays. Now it’s a family of six!
  • Achieved my gender transition goals for the year: I have reached a maintenance dose for all my hormone therapy medications.
  • Been able to hang up my favourite artwork i’ve made around the house.
  • Got a traditional maori orators walking stick to help with my mobility around the house.

Some other sad things that happened this year:

  • Plenty of covid lockdowns still :/
  • cPTSD Crisis began in March – continued past the following new year.
  • 8 hospitalisations this year.
  • New EMDR therapist and psychiatrist (gotta keep looking after yourself).
  • Became nonverbal (unable to talk) in mid November – continued past the following new year.

Definitely not a long list like the year before but still some noteworthy things.

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