Kiwi 5 Months Old


Over 14 kilos of velociraptor, he has truly become part of the family, he can read a room and know when to be calm and quiet when were exhausted at the end of the day but he’s smart enough to tell you when he wants attention. We even need to keep the keys out of reach to his treat cabinet as he’s learnt how to unlock it himself.

With the hopes that I wont be going back into hospital much more, im hoping soon to help him find a way to outlet his herding instincts and let him try herding some farm animals (there is a service in melbourne for this)

I’m currently getting him to learn how to jump for targets, pull items on command, and extend his endurance for sled dog pulling the wheelchair for rural bike paths to explore in the future together.


I did get to be home for a few weeks between hospital visits in late April and got back into training him with basic jumping, agility concepts and improving his sled dog training skills.


During March my health deteriorated and I had a lot of support from my friends to help take care of him while I was in and out of hospital. His training went on hold but we were complimented that he was months ahead for his age.

At this time too he was gaining more than a kilo a week!


Fully Vaccinated and attended his first puppy training class. Was well ahead of the class with already mastering call and hand signals for sit, heel, stand up and fistbump


He was 2.4kg when I got him at 8 weeks old, born on December 1st. Little did we know what we were getting ourselves into and was a real mother with a newborn situation taking care of him. But within the first week, he knew his name, knew when we were calling him and was successfully house trained within the first few weeks

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