Welcoming Kiwi, The Red Heeler

Over a month ago my dear Husky Kiro passed away, I didn’t think I would reach this point so soon, but it kind of happened naturally after discussing with some dear friends that I was ready for another dog in my life and how it would fit in. And the opportunity arose that I couldn’t pass up.

I would love to introduce you all to Kiwi, I picked him up from a breeder at a farm just outside of Ballarat, Victoria. He is an 8 week old Red Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog) and quite the adorable face licker.

He is bred and built for the Australian climate and will be my loyal companion as I explore the outback and wilderness over the years.

The trans community are one of the most at risk groups for assault or worse, a loyal working dog like this will help keep me safe on the campsite and wherever I go exploring.

Kiro taught me a lot about myself and rekindled my childhood love of the outdoors. While they are both, very different dogs, Kiwi has a big life of adventure ahead of him

Heelers are quite an intense breed and quite a challenge to train. I may be a wheelchair user but there should be no reason why I cannot.

I’m lucky that I have NDIS supporting my disability, an awesome support worker and services helping me take this opportunity to improve my own fitness as well as having a loving companion like this again in my life. Without this, it wouldn’t have been possible.

Keep an eye on my Instagram @AdaptiveExplorer to see regular photos of
his training and exploring life alongside me 🙂

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