First Solo Presenting Excursion

So yeah, I trekked across the CBD today presenting as female as I can. I did notice more momentary stares. And I know it was more my anxiety than being and danger. I did have moments that I forgot that I was presenting female, it wasnt exciting, it just seemed to just fit in with who I am. But already I can look back at that only hours ago and feel proud.

I need to find a better wide angle hold. Haha

my anxiety of the impending confrontation with my gp raged too much in my head for me to sit and enjoy the moment. Luckily the anxiety was mostly over by the time I got home. But laying in bed tonight im already feeling excited to see the changes that will happen to me once my meds arrive in the country. and to work on this disjointed feeling I’ve had my whole life,

where I felt but I had to check that I was doing “life” right. When all I needed to do was come out of the closet to feel like I can go down the street And be me on the outside.

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