Steavenson Falls

Steavenson Falls is one of the few wheelchair accessible signaged paths in Victoria that I have found in my research, easily a return day drive from Melbourne this is a landmark not to be missed by locals and tourists alike.
Link to Google Maps Location: 
Steavenson Falls is one of the largest waterfalls in Australia and is a local towns water supply it is that clean! the area is very well maintained, disabled parking and toilets are available so the main route to the falls should be accessible by most. they do have this wiry grate flooring on some parts, I can see it be challenging for some kinds of chairs. Gradient is really gentle and a near-continuous railing means no accidental wandering off. With it being autumn it was pretty cold, but we still had a good time under the roaring water.
The main route there would be an accessibility Grade 3 and meets all expected accessibility legislation, most persons with disabilities would find it accessible. While there is plenty more trails and hiking in the area, these are less maintained than the main route to the falls.
Waterfall Lookout Point

Quality of Access Trails

Autumn in Rural Victoria

After leaving Melbourne you will drive through the landmark Black Spur Drive.

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