Majors Creek Campsite

A 90 minute drive from Melbourne, Australia you have campsite that can be accessible for the active wheelchair users and those with minor mobility issues. Situated directly next to the water and Puckapunyal, accessible by a good quality dirt road. It’s a great dark spot to enjoy the stars and calm water to get wet and/or fish.


In good weather conditions the ground is quite compact, firm and flat. With my off-road tires on the chair, I had no issue traversing the campsite area. The water nearby is good for fishing and very calm for beginners to learn waterways. Before my weekend trip here, I had been an avid kayaker before the wheelchair and this was the first time I had been in one since hospital. It took some adjusting, learning a new technique to suit my mobility, but i’m really glad I got to experience it somewhere like here where the water was super calm and boat users were courteous enough to slow down around the kayaks.
There is no concrete other than the boat ramp into the water, so be prepared to spend the trip traversing gravel. I found with the off-road tires and no freewheel attachment, that I was fit enough to get around. But I will recommend to still bring a puncture repair kit.


  • 1 Wheelchair Accessible Non-Flushing Toilet (Not Sanitary for continence Issues)
  • Boat Ramp for traditional water entry
  • Recycled plastic bollards in regular interval to not let vehicles get too close to the water.
  • Water is quite calm and easy for persons with disabilities to enter the water with assistance (Kayaking etc)
  • There is no definite walking tracks from this campsite, but there is a dirt road the continues along the water.


I would give this campsite a Grade 3 as it meets all national legislation on accessibility. My only note is that if you require sterile/sanitary conditions for continence issues, come prepared to have your own space for it.

Other Notes

The campsite is full of tall gum trees and you need to be cautious if it gets windy due to risk of falling branches

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