One Year On: Project 1845 Reached its First Anniversary

Last year on the 17th of July 2011 Bohtauri started groundbreaking of the worlds first full scale replica of the Forbidden City which turned into the start of Project 1845.

The project like most popular things was not founded to be as successful as it has become. The original intention was to prove to myself that i could build better than piston waterfalls and 16 sided pyramids back when minecraft was in Beta 1.6. It has since then becoming a world record project and a platform to help teachers in schools teach history, geography and the chinese language in a brand new innovative way.

My skills as a builder have increased exponentially, enough so that i need to return to previous landmark buildings in the project to renovate them with new techniques i have learnt over the past 12 months.


I also want to say thank you to the community. Firstly, the multitudes of people that call me the best builder ever; its a really nice motivating gesture and thank you but I’m a very modest person. I learn new things in game every time and I’m only proven good at historical building at 1:1 scale when there are so many other areas that other minecraft celebrity builders are good at like Disco_ in redstone for example. Don’t forget, you can be the best at your favorite topic in the world. There was a time i only built with dirt, cobble and wooden tools because i didn’t know anything else until i found the wiki, literally.

Secondly to the people cheer the project onwards, without you i would have no motivation to continue so thank you and keep supporting it!!

Thirdly to the volunteer builders, thank you for helping build and promote the project, you have helped place almost a million blocks so far and help keep me modest and humble at human generosity.

Fourthly, to the minecraft celebrities, this project wouldn’t have been possible without C418’s initial motivation. Thank you to Bebopvox, MinecraftTeacher, PlanetMinecraft’s admin and The Shaft podcast, without their showcasing and support then this would be a fraction of popularity and motivating good vibes.

Finally, the trolls. If your jealous or no constructive criticism, shut up. Tall poppy syndrome is rife in the world and how about we change that and  help each other rise higher and not try to shoot down anyone that succeeds. For the public record, i have a life, i have a very nice romantic relationship and i have a lot of non gaming friends, i have traveled half way around the world and lived in foreign countries that i didn’t know the local language, I’m also an ex professional gamer, ex semiprofessional athlete in Track cycling and cancer survivor. Someone saying i have no life must have a negative digit IQ.


The project is still on track for completion, its been fabulously supported by the community which in turn helps the success of the project being implemented into schools to teach children.

If there was only one piece of wisdom of the past twelve months i want to share, that is that you can only be the best at something if you always keep a balance between gaming and real life stuff, keep an open mind and to learn new stuff and stay modest because pride is any successful persons downfall.

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