Beijing Book Fair

I went earlier today to the Temple of Earth that’s located just outside the 2nd ring road in Beijing. The weather was a cool and crisp autumn with clear blue sky with a dash of cirrus clouds. For lunch I had kebabs sitting under one of the many pine trees that are over 400 years old that are throughout the park. I spent several hours trolling through the hundreds of bookstores, there were even some who sold books by the kilo. But i was hunting for a certain niche of book. Books on ancient architecture primarily on old Beijing. With no one to translate for me and after 5 hours of hunting. I struck paydirt.

Book Cover

I didnt buy the book for the text since I cant read chinese yet, hopefully soon but not yet. I did buy it though for its maps and diagrams and break-downs of what the different elements of tradtional chinese architecture is and widely used during 1845 for the build project.

A Look Into The Book

This book will most definitely help with improving the accuracy of Project 1845 to make it a truly unique experience to build and fellow fans to discover.

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