22: Go Brown

“Switch to wholemeal bread as the additional fiber content will make you feel full for longer and the grains offer slow-release, superior sources of energy. Also, white flour is often bleached using potassium bromate, benzoyl peroxide or chlorine dioxide gas – none of which is especially healthy for you.”

~ Magazine Excerpt

Well everyone knows that those “oxides” and “yl”s of the chemistry lab are not good for you. But also did you know that for the slow-release carbohydrates are not equal? Some like starches like in potatoes are best for those trying to put on muscle as they are slow-burning but also give high amount of fuel. when wholemeal grains are long-chain carbohydrates, that are slow-burning too but not supply the same amount of energy per carbohydrate molecule. So yes: sugar, carbohydrates, starches and fiber are all the same type of the molecules, the only difference is their size.

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