Trip to Kanglicun

Well this was one of the most eventful days ive had in a long time. We started it by spending 3 and half hours in traffic, visibility was down to 500meters as we were begining to get a sandstorm blowing in from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in the northwest. We got to Kanglicun just after lunchtime. Kanglicun is a small town originally founded for the builders to build the Kangli Tomb approximately 800 years ago. A Ginko tree was planted in the town center and is now enormous. We had a very large lunch. The photo below only cost us 70RMB (or 12NZD). We didnt even finish it all, They didn’t have my favorite deep-fried vege balls but they did have some hard boiled quail eggs and a local kind of savory sausage that I enjoy a lot so it was still very very enjoyable.

We continued northward and went down a random road to explore more little tradtional towns that havent changed much in a “long” time. We shortly got back to the highway and traveled north to the Muitianyu Great Wall that was to the northwest. We went along the water reservoir to the Great Wall Before we went in the park there were lots of street vendors selling trinkets, A lot were selling little nets. Lei said he kept seeing people with water bottles full of tadpoles yet I only saw a bottle with a few tadpoles just before we left, I didn’t want to spend hours trying to catch them, knowing that they would die a few days later at home. There were a few people though catching frogs along the rivers near the reservoir.

We got to a part and wanted to take pictures but we were surrounded by tourists. I decided to jump off the wall that was about 2 meters tall at that point and walk across to a empty part of the wall that no one was on. Obviously walking past a sign that said that the area is out of bounds but ignored it like a usual foreign tourist would. Got some nice photos though as Lei took photos from the other wall.

We got back to Beijing after dark, The sunset was very golden from the dust in the Air. Today, The day after the trip the sky is brown. Not smog but from desert dust and sand.


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