18: Get a New Toothbrush

And make sure it comes with a tongue scraper on the reverse of the brush head. Your tounge has fissures that hold onto bacteria, so using a tongue scraper helps to remove it. You will probably gag when scraping but bacteria leads to bad breath. And get one with soft bristles; its better for your gums.
~ Magazine Excerpt.
Its been proven that the sensitivity and diversity of your taste (your palette) can improve by 200% from regular use to a tongue scraper. These bacteria sitting in those fissures block receptors to your sensitive taste buds. Clear out the goop and experience that roast your mother made in a whole new way.
Its also proven that soft bristles remove just as much bacteria as hard bristles (as long as you scrub just as frequent). The only difference is that hard bristles can micro-scar your gums by the repetitive scratching and bruise them, leading to early onset of a receding gum line.

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