16: A Banana A Day

“Reported to be the best selling fruit worldwide, the athletes favourite should be part of everyone’s diet. Benefits are too numerous to list here, but highlights include their ability to boost energy, improve mood, reduce the effects of heartburn and hangovers”
~ Magazine Except
This is quite a no-brainer. there were times in the past when I knew in advance that I needed the best brain power money can buy I go out and buy bananas. Due to their popularity this does mean they are a “sometimes” food for most people. One thing I want to point out is its alkinity (bananas are alkaline-based). When you eat Alkaline-based foods this improves the PH level in your body that those fatty fast foods are turning the other acidic way. Feeling sluggish but cant seem to shake it off? take a 3-day diet of 3 bananas a day for 3 days. (remember to eat other healthy foods too).

Triva: Bananas don’t boost your energy levels from its sugar content. Bananas contain several key elements and vitamins that boost the efficiency of your metabolism, making more energy out of the same amount of fuel. (these vitamins and minerals are easier to absorb than a multi-vitamin pill so less of the good stuff will be flushed down the loo)

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