14: Switch Sugar To Honey

White table sugar is the one thing you should keep to an absolute minimum. Its got far too many negative effects to list here, but natural honey is much better for you if you really feel the need to sweeten something.
~ Magazine Excerpt
Fructose sugars are very good for you, Glucose and Sucrose are not. Fructose sugars are found in honey, fruit and many other natural sources. A minority of soft drinks also use fructose sugar instead of table sugar (high sucrose) so if you want a soft drink, try to find one with a high % of sugar as fructose. three other points you need to remember.
  • Raw sugar (brown sugar) is just as unhealthy as it contains glucose as a main ingredient in the molasses colouring they place in many brands.
  • Icing sugar is the sweetest form of table sugar and if used as a replacement, you would need a lot less to have the same sweet intensity
  • Not all sugars are equal, Sucrose and glucose are very unhealthy, Fructose is one of the healthiest and only has 8 more molecules than sucrose.

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