08: Joy of Onions

If your going to have a doner kebab, treat yourself to onions with it. Onions have significant benefits and boost good type HDL cholesterol, reduce total cholesterol levels and increase blood clot dissolving activity, reducing risk of diabetes…
~ Magazine Excerpt
For my entire childhood i despised onions, i stayed away from them as far as freaking possible. Now i absolutely love them… why? because people I grew up with never knew how to cook then properly. Im sure a lot of people out there remember when your a child and eating all that raw onion in those lettuce salads and how much it made you turn away from them for life. Unless you naturally love those rancid chemicals that onions naturally make to stop things (including humans) eating them you need to do more than chop them up. Steam them, fry them, deep fry them, barbeque them until they are soft and about to fall apart.
Any further cooking will reduce all the good chemicals, if you see black charred onions on the grill, well just remember that cardboard has more nutritional value than those. Cook till theyre soft, will only take a few minutes and they become sweet and tender. Your kids will be more willing to trust any vegetables you put in front of them.
Just remember, Raw onions are designed by mother earth to not be eaten. Cooked onions are far better in almost every case.

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