01: Wear Thongs

Anaerobic bacteria smell really bad and can lead to a lowered immunity, Wearing thongs also protect you to picking up anything contagious on the floor (worms, athletes foot, fungi e.t.c)

-Magazine Excerpt

It is a common consensus think that breathable shoes help minimise foot
smell from bacteria and fungi but thats only if your active. Most people are sitting at a desk working and the layers of sock, sole and shoe prevent a full ammount of oxygen getting to your feet’s skin.
Anaerobic bacteria cannot floruish as well when a good dose of atmospheric oxygen around your feet. That is why people with a bad foot smell, smells worse just after they take their shoes off.
Does the thong bit between your toes rub you raw? don’t worry about it; there’s many fashionable brands out there that have a single band across the foot, just make sure your feet aren’t wrapped up. (socks and thongs never looked good)

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