PvP (Player versus player) Activity

Over the weekend ive been doing a lot of battle between myself others of the horde and other players that play alliance characters. Over the weekend i died about 50 times and killed personally 2000 other characters, many of them i killed multiple times.

Arathi Basin is a 10-man per team, basically we have to control out of the 5 bases for points that get totalled over time, once your team gets 2000 points first you win.

Wintergrasp since Version 3.1 came out has a limit of 100 players per side. this has made warcraft crash less and im able to enjoy the battle to control the fortress more enjoyable.

Alterac Valley is a fun Battleground, its a 40-man per team battleground. and you have to fight your way to the end, through all the bottlenecks and kill the other side’s leader.

After every battle you get what are called “marks of honor” if you lose the battle you get 1 mark, if you win you get 3 marks. If you get 50 marks you can buy a special wolf to ride on, i finally got it after 3 days of battles.

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