Days 3 and 4: Quieter Days

The awe is over, im as aggressive as any other pedestrian now and my arms are getting a good workout heaving many shopping bags across town. Im sorry for cantabarians for their rain and 9 degree highs, here it may be smoggy but at least its 34degrees and with just a slight wind and no rain planned for weeks. Public toilets are the most strage yet functional ive seen, its basicvally a porcelain  flushable hole in the floor, very hygenic as you press the button with your shoe and no need to come to contact with anything, i got a shock at having to use one today. Today i got some shoes and clothes but we also got to see the imperial temple of the heavens. Im really wanting to get pictures online but with a internet connection on the clink its going to be difficult until the end of the month. Beijing will start a neew internet cable system that should make any new zealander jealous. Any Uni student would be jealous with 15% beer and 80% spirits. yoiu can even get drunk on the vapours. In the “questionable authenticty malls” in beijing you really want to go in numbers, the vendors will almost literally puyll you into their store and if you dont want to buy something they’ll throw a tantrum and almost cry as if theyre pleadiong for thier life. i got a questionable quicksilver jersey for 60 yuan ($15NZD’ish) the price started at 900yuan, more expensive than the authentic but was able to haggle the price down. We are planning on visiting the great wall of china and afew other natural wonders in the area north of Beijing tomorrow, i hope i can stand the expercted 40degree weather. My hpost family keeps feeding me all the time and ive had to learn to say “no thanks in full” in Mandarin. i had KFC today and i would never recomend it here, very watery drink, soy sauce in everything and im sure its animal fat to fry the chicken and chips. it didnt taste anything i wouldve expected. I had quail eggs and very delicious with stewed pumkin and sea cucumber (yes the slimy black slug that lives in the ocean)this afternoon i been studying to keep up with the course back home and we are going to play mahjong tonight. its only 8pm here and it must be midnight down in NZ, its not going to be easy to get over the jet lag.

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