Skins: My Personal Review

Skins are like a second skin, If i could afford them i would pay for all of them and use them all the time. they range from NZD$95 – NZD$250.

Published medical papers and reports show
Increase in blood flow return to the heart by 31%
Reduces post-exercise muscle soreness
Removes lactic acid faster
Increases time to exhaustion to 30%
Increases strength and power by 10%
Improves endurance by 15%
Improves body temperature control
Decreases flight leg swelling

On a athletic performance point of view these are the best well rounded piece of compression wear on the market, only thing i find wrong with them is the price and they almost feel like wearing a wetsuit, you do get used to it but unless your 100% committed to your sport i wouldn’t recommend this kind of compression clothing.