Week 1: Triathlon & Course

Week one of my course was quite physical, Basically an orientation week, we had a triathlon with a days notice, I did in my 3-person team the biking, its a was a small 5km route but i done it on a dual-suspension mountain bike on loan, so most of my pedaling power went into moving the suspension up and down so it got me quite tired very quickly, we also had a small beach carnival, just another bunch of team-building exercises my team (of 4) got 2nd and were quite suprised. next week we begin the academic side of the course.

My knee has begun playing up from the crash i had last year with the police car so i got an ACC claim form sent out and started physio last week, this week was almost tourture, the physio wanted to retrain the weakened muscles with a “small” 12 volt current, it more felt like a stab in the thigh. He wants me to come in again next week, luckly i started noticing the imrpovements in my gait and walking technique almost instantly, so… no pain no gain literraly in this case.