T-Mobile and my stand on doping.

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T-Mobile nine accused of doping on 06 Tour
Eurosport | Thu, Jan 3, 06:39
All nine T-Mobile riders who competed on the 2006 Tour de France have been accused of doping by one of the world’s leading experts in the field. Only Patrick Sinkewitz has ever admitted doping.

I am totally disappointed that experts just claim that people are doping without sound evidence, the world of professional cycling is already going down the plug due to the media focusing on the doping scandals. What’s more sad is that people stop focusing on cycling or racing because of the issue, this basically calls a death sentence to the sport as the only people in the sport are the doper’s. I believe the sport needs to be clean to show true human potential. I don’t and will never drug myself to make myself better, its basically cheating yourself and your country. I will always support cyclists and the cycling community towards this goal, i will not add wood to the fire as gossip about doping, will not by any cycling magazine focusing on doping athletes and hopefully if a lot more people focus on these things that sport would clean itself just like the decrease in smoking as the habits become unpopular. either talk about the great athletes or don’t talk about anything.