Week 8: A Slap in the face

Ive been dwaldling (im sure thats how you spell it) about what my priorities are, I showed my tutors about my diploma i got accepted into, and most of them said the same thing… I should be focusing on my training than trying to spend as much time as i can at school…. now ith this slap in my face and the weather warming up I can follow this sound advice. We’ve learnt about skin fold’s now that I can do my own ive found this past montyh ive lost another 1% and down to 12% … hopefully by next year i’ll be down to my 9% goal. Even with 2 weeks left till mid-term break we got 2 exams and 3 asignments to complete before the end. Hopefully i can pass these, im so not getting used to level 5 material yet.