Week 2: (And I thought week 1 was hard)

Well we have our first assignment of posture and gait reports we have to do to a classmate, so today in anatomy class we had to strip down to our concealed small shorts and take posture photographs for us to use in our assignments, we have to memorize at least 7 things about 80 muscles in our body hat includes where they start, end and what they do. I started a small study group for anatomy class as some of us have no clue on what to do. But we have Thursday and Friday off so we have plenty of time the end of the week to study, now I’m prepared for the upscaling of memory intake I know next week we begin our first assignment for exercise physiology and training on energy systems in our body and also we have our first sports nutrition class. now i know i got a lot to do so why am i keep typing in …..