Week 1: Shock and Awe

First class is anatomy and physiology, the teacher loves saying “when you did health at high school this would be revision for you” of course i didn’t do that at school, I had my nose stuck in a book, now I have to memorize every bone muscle and movement the body makes from the neck down, and thats only 35% of my grade and the assessment is in 5 weeks. Exercise management class started off with us taking care of 3year old, and the whole class doesn’t know why we did that but at least we are learning flexibility exercises now (a bit painfully in the evenings now as the lecturer is a gymnast so expects better than average flexibility from her students when were all triathletes, cyclists and rugby players)and professional practice classes is what we basically know already on how to be professional, increase our communication skills e.t.c.
Next week we have our first classes of Physical assessments. my lower back isn’t liking this course yet.