firstly i have to point out one thing in capitals

i would rather bike 100KM than drive a car.

I watched the tv show Top Gear just now. and i fell in love with it, the Wiesmann GT *drools* its got som many gizmos, and by what they guy said that it somehow magically glides, looks clasic but hightech, thaey prtically showed all its parts and he still couldnt figure out how it could just glide over things. the only bad thing i could find with what the price, 170,000 pounds (approx too much in NZ dollars to look in my budget, i almost started to drool in the show, 20 mins of searching the internet i found some pics.
i know some people might think ugh and choke but i feel like curling up on the bonnet and falling asleep. Just give me a little fridge, my mac and i'll live in it! I never thoughyt i'll like cars but now i want this one and nothing else!! so much for a european sport car remake from the 50's I LOVE IT *drools again*

*gets the mop*

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